Thursday, August 16, 2012

Feeling Better but new problem

Since being diagnosed officially with depression I am starting to feel better and feel like I am able to do more.  However, with my living situation and not being able to really establish any type of routine or exercise regimen.  I know that I need to start exercising again and I hope to get there soon.  It's just going to take time, dedication, and being able to create some sort of schedule.

However, now there is a new problem, for the first time in years I was able to get my blood drawn.  I got the test results back yesterday and for the most part everything tested out just where it should.  My cholesterol was good, my good cholesterol was good, but my bad cholesterol was too high, including for having heart disease.

So it looks like I have to start a new diet.  Not only do I have to cut the carbs out of my diet, I'm going to need to cut down on one of my favorite foods... Cheese.  Basically everything that has saturated fat in it, I'm going to need to cut down on.  Red meat and cheese are the biggest influences in my diet.     I don't mind cutting out the red meats, I've been doing that for a year now, eating more turkey meat than anything else.  Cheese is going to be the hardest one.

I'll keep you all updated on how this goes, I need to lower that cholesterol, I don't need to have a heart attack anytime soon.  It's bad enough to know that soon I need to have another surgery to replace my battery in my pace maker soon.

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  1. Cheese is definitely a tough one! I had to go for a lot of years without it when nursing my babies and I just cut it out again about 6 weeks ago. It's very addictive and way too easy for me to "nibble" on. Cheese tends to have a huge amount of emotional hooks for people so it makes it hard to not have. I've had to use a lot of emotional release techniques as I got off it. I can look at pizza without even crying now though. LOL. You can do it Adam!