Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Facing Depression

So yesterday I went to an actual family doctor for the first time in years.  I went to talk about a rash I have had on my right arm for years and wanting to finally get it taken care of now that I finally have insurance.  While there I also wanted to get a general health care check up as well, while looking at my new patient paper she noticed that I have been having trouble with grief as of late.  After talking for a few minutes about my father she wanted to know if there has been anything else that has been going on.  I explained to her about losing my best friend back in September to murder and my second mother at the same time.  Then to top that off while all this recent stuff has been going on we are moving, buying a home, and just had our fourth child born.  Needless to say the diagnosis wasn't too hard to figure out.

So now I am hoping that the meds I have been prescribed will help me control my aggravation.  On top of that they should allow me to regain some of my energy and motivation that I have been lacking since the loss of my father.

This battle has been harder then the battle to lose the weight it seems.  I'm now up two more pounds and really struggling to regain my motivation to start losing weight again.  Well see if things change soon, I hope they do.  I know what I have to do, but knowing and being able seem to still be far apart.  


  1. Just know the kids and I are always here for you and to love you! I will help you get through this the best I can. I love you so much!

    1. I cry for your dad everyday, take him to bed with me and bring him in the living room every day. Hope this helps and hope this one will take!